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About Real Developer and TrustedLand

Now in it’s 3rd year, Real Developer is a highly unique accreditation programme organised by land & development consultancy, TrustedLand, in order to give recognition to established, professional SME developers looking to stand out and grow.

What’s the story behind Real Developer

In July 2019, Grosvenor Estates released their YouGov survey findings, showing a pretty dismal perception of developers, and trust towards them. Grosvenor’s ‘Rebuilding Trust’ report was followed closely by the British Property Federation’s revelations alongside it’s Redefining Real Estate piece, stating only 27% of public had a favourable view toward the property sector.

It was clear to TrustedLand, created with a view to celebrating experience and professionalism, had an opportunity to start showcasing those who were capable of bucking the outward trend of perception. The Estate Gazette was the first media platform to support the initiative, following a review of SME PD activity, where ‘amateur’ developers were considered as the cause behind many of the ‘slum PD’ schemes that had been reported in the press.

Listen here to the original podcast interview with EG’s Sam McClary from 2019 

Now, alongside certification, profiles and icons, Real Developer has evolved to provide each year’s recognised firms with profile raising opportunity, access to industry leaders and advisors, access to key partner exclusive rates and importantly, connection to land personnel and introductions, through requirements publication and matching.

We ‘Champion the Real Ones’ – Organisers, TrustedLand

TrustedLand was launched as a more efficient and transparent means of getting ready landowners and representatives to ready, capable land buyers and developers.

Experimenting with data, technology and new processes, TrustedLand found its groove in matching off-market land opportunity to it’s exclusive client group, the Real Developers, whilst leveraging the relevant experience and advice from an approved panel of professionals, from architects to engineers.

Founder Alex Harrington-Griffin, a former boutique developer and now Young Leader award-winning entrepreneur, has accepted the meandering journey of discovery of where TrustedLand would most make it’s mark, with Real Developers acceptance as a credible recognition platform coming to life with an invitation in September 2020 by the BPF to present feedback on planning reform to MHCLG and then current Housing Minister, Robert Jenrick, alongside the Federation of Master Builders.

‘We’ve got a long way to go to really make the impact that Real developer and TrustedLand is capable of, however every quarter, we reach a new incredible milestone, whether it’s welcoming industry legends in to work with the Real Developers, and growing our land partner network to drive opportunity to our recognised firms.’

I know that the support of those established in the industry is testament to what we’re doing for the SME community, is needed, welcomed and valuable, and 2022 gives us the opportunity to fine tune our real ability in the land and development space to help sustain and grow credible small developers.’

‘Development stakeholders deserve a better experience.’